Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Everyone has a mother and unless you’re a magical exception. Every Mother’s Day (May 13th, 2018), you have the opportunity to tell your mom how special she is with a unique Mother’s Day gift that makes her laugh or cry with joy – and certainly warm her heart. It also means planning in advance to ensure she has a good Mother’s Day. From jewelry to books, here are some awesome gift ideas to help you do it.


TOMS Slip-Ons

There’s something about the traditional slip-on that just feels tired and, well, kind of sloppy. TOMS challenges that negative stereotype with their unique seasonally patterned shoes. These easy wear guys are sure to keep her toes comfortable and in fashion, whether she’s pairing them with jeans or summer dresses. Find this item from

Mother of Invention Snacks

For the wildly creative foodie who doesn’t have as much time to experiment in the kitchen as she used to, this collection of food will tickle her taste buds with inventive offerings like burnt sugar and fennel shortbread, spiced watermelon pickles and carrot cake jam.

For the nerd-mom

Is your mom a secret Marvel or Game of Thrones fan? If so, maybe a Guardians of the Galaxy Sterling Infinity Gem Orb Locket Necklace is just the ticket? ThinkGeek also has a Game of Thrones Dragon Purse that is surprisingly stylish. And for the astronomically inclined mom, how about a set of four drinking glasses decorated with Hubble Nebula images.

Everyday Tote Bag

Organizing a diaper bag is an ongoing puzzle. Bottles have to stand up to prevent spillage. Wet items have to be kept away from other stuff. You have to find a binky in approximately 0.001 seconds before the manager throws you out of a restaurant. It also looks great and has a 13-inch laptop sleeve, so it can be easily repurposed as a work bag once her little one is finally in underpants.



As simple as it may seem, picking out a bouquet can be dizzying. What’s her favorite flower? While she may have mentioned she likes lilies, how many damn types of lilies are there? Take the stress out of flower shopping. Browse it online. Shop also allows you to pick a matching vase to accompany your bouquet, so mom isn’t left scrambling for a place to put her beautiful blooms.

Small strollers

Light, small strollers are convenient for traveling. But if the new mom in your life has multiple children, or likes venturing into the outdoors, the Veer Cruiser is an indispensable piece of child transportation equipment. It has a variety of infant and toddler adapters to accommodate young humans of every size and neck-control ability, and enough room to stuff picnic baskets, blankets, and dog leashes. It’s also sturdy enough to roll over any terrain and get everyone back home safe again.