Easy Ways to Help You Look More Beautiful in Photos

You know your photogenic friend who constantly looks amazing in photos? In today’s social media-obsessed world, it’s safe to say that knowing how to be photogenic is of utmost importance. Today I will share some tips to help you look good in photos every time!

take photo

1. Find Your Good Side

Everyone has a good side, Ernst says. “Take some time to look through old photos of yourself. Note ones where you really like how you look and figure out which side of your face is to the camera and how your body is angled.”

For most people, a 45-degree angle (or 3/4 turn) is flattering, unless you have a larger nose, in which case you should face the camera straight on. “If you tilt your head away from the camera, make sure your eyes are still looking at it.

2. Enhance Your Eyes

To make sure yours pop when the flash does, focus on defining your brows and lash lines. Fill in your brows with a pencil or a powder (taupe if your hair is light, brown if it’s dark). (Skip lining the bottom lashes or your eyes will look closed in.) Follow that with mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

3. Control Your Chin

When you pose, elongate your neck and push your forehead and chin forward a bit. It may feel awkward, but “this position helps define your jawline and gives your face a more angular, lifted look,” says Hurley.

4. Think Happy Thoughts


To avoid that awkward ack-don’t-take-my-picture smile, thinking happy thoughts can go a long way. Pro portrait photographer Allison Temple swears by this trick with her clients. “It sounds kind of silly, but when people are thinking about someone or something they love, you can see it in their eyes and expression. So I tell people to remember a really happy memory or think of a funny story.” Plus, it can help you relax and feel more natural in front of the camera.

5. Get your angles right

If you’re taking your photo in a seated position, ask the photographer to take the photo from above. When you tilt your face up to meet the camera, your jaw will appear more defined. For a standing photo, ask for it to be taken from a lower angle.

6. Don’t Over-Edit

The key to a beautiful, candid profile picture is in yourself, not in a computer. These days it’s all too easy to brighten teeth, erase birthmarks, and even shave off a few pounds with a click of the mouse. Unfortunately it’s just as easy to take it too far.