Men’s Fashion Guide: Best Men’s Shirt And Tie Combinations

Shirts, Suits, and Ties certainly aren’t anything new. The art of matching ties to your suits and shirts is something that has confounded the best of us for years. As a gentleman, You need pay attention to the clothing in life. Making sure that your suit and tie combinations are right is hard enough, but a shirt and tie combination can be even more important to get right. Below is our complete guide to the shirt, tie and suit combinations.

Color Basics

  • Similar colors are next to each other. When colors are close to each other, it’s easy to pick one color and add accessories of neighboring colors.
  • Complementary colors are opposite each other. These colors are the hardest to pair together. Even though they’complement’each other, wearing them full strength is often overkilled.
  • Contrasting colors have three colors between them. The best way to combine these is to make sure one of the hues is a darker tone so, for example, navy and red.

A White Shirt

Men’s White Shirt with tie

Wearing a white shirt offers this great, neutral base layer for you to work around. You can easily team a multitude of colors in varying shades with white. You can keep it basic with a simple black tie, or, you can be a little bit more adventurous with brighter colors, such as blue or yellow.

You can even go for a pattern, teaming various colors together to create the perfect blend that suits your personality and style to a tee. Just remember the color wheel, go for opposing colors rather than colors that are too similar to each other. This adds more detail and depth to your shirt tie combinations. When it comes to matching something with a white shirt, you pretty much have free reigns as to what color you put with it. Anything (within reason) goes with white.

Blue Shirts

Mens Blue Shirt With tie

Shirts in blue or pink provide a chance show off your color-matching prowess. Sticking to the rules of color, size, and fabric set out above, light blue shirts work well with tonal, patterned or textured ties in the same family.

Orange is a complementary color, though opt for a darker, burnt orange shade to avoid being mistaken for an airline worker. Both yellow and red are contrasting hues, so ties in shades of burgundy, pink or mustard also look great set against this shirt color. Green is a similar color to blue – try a dark forest green tie to make a refined and effortless statement.

Striped Shirts

Mens Striped Shirts With tie

The classic striped dress shirt often doesn’t appear striped from a distance. The stripes are so fine so as to blend together to the viewer (thicker’candy’stripes are edging towards the casual end of things.) Up close these fine stripes add a fair amount of interest, as you’re able to distinguish the very subtle pattern. Wearing any solid, classic stripe or foulard. The stripes are fine and forgiving, so most patterns, even fine geometries, will give a nice contrast against this shirt.

Combining shirts and ties can be a bit difficult. If done right, it can either make or break your outfit. If you keep working at it, you’ll find what works for you and you’ll be the best dressed at your work!