MethodIzaz is a unique photography experience. Subjects are unaware of the exact moment they will be photographed and of the photographer's identity. Instead, the subject is photographed completely naturally, living life as normal.

MethodIzaz will provide you with a portfolio of pictures representing the fleeting moments of an authentic lifestyle. The photographs will allow you to remember these moments later in life. They will also give you a new perspective on the everyday, letting you see yourself and your surroundings through the eyes of an artist.

Using information provided earlier about their weekly routine, the photographer will arrive on the scene, and unseen, take shots of the subject. The subject will be photographed walking through the streets, going about their daily business. Without posing and artifice, the camera captures only the natural beauty of the person.

To obtain a better sense of the singular photography we practice, please view and enjoy our galleries. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us through the Contacts page.

The mission of MethodIzaz is to present you with your personal works of art.

MethodIzaz has been working with individuals like you to create personal works of art - meaningfully integrating the subject in the creative process to ensure an authentic representation of the fleeting moments in life. In doing so, our clients began to take MethodIzaz to new heights.

As clients began to interact with the concept - they found new applications for MethodIzaz. They saw it as a way to break down norms and develop a new interpretive process to document a very special day - their wedding.

In one wedding - the photographer attended the event as a guest and was introduced to all family members and close friends. This familiarity allowed the photographer to capture the candid emotions at the event. A local photographer was also hired to take the "standard" group shots and divert attention. MethodIzaz and the client worked hand in hand to create the plan and the results were as she described in the initial conversation - a portfolio of candid, natural images that told a compelling story of the wedding.

MethodIzaz is eager to explore other new possibilities with our clients.

That natural feeling... a far cry from the "One, two, three, smile"
The results are... devoid of artifice... No stupid fake smiles, manufactured poses, or unsightly turtle chins...
There are paparazzi-for-hire services... that provide a publicist and limo and bodyguard along with shouting photographers, for people to live out their fantasies of being like Brangelina or Paris... But what Izaz does, is a little different.

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