How to Wear Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring for Your Ring Finger

Which finger should you wear an engagement and wedding ring on? Now after your wedding, you may be wondering how to wear wedding rings? Do you still wear your engagement ring? Do you wear them on the same finger? With so many questions, Here’s everything you need to know how to wear your engagement and wedding ring sets.

wedding ring finger

Ring Finger Meaning

The tradition of wearing an engagement and/or wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is a romantic one—but the meaning is totally untrue. Ancient Romans called the fourth finger as the “Vein of Love” because it ran directly to the heart. Therefore, married couples were to wear their wedding bands on this finger as a symbol of their undying love.

Wedding rings originated in ancient Egypt. Couples who are not ready for marriage yet, often exchange promise rings to show their commitment to each other. They may wear rings on the 4th finger of the left hand. Just like an egg magnet ring, but it’s really a matter of personal choice. Since it’s not an actual engagement ring, a lot of women chose to wear their promise ring on a different finger. Traditionally, if you have a promise ring, you would move it to the 4th finger of your right hand after the wedding.

If a woman chooses to wear her wedding and engagement ring as a matched set, the wedding ring is typically worn on the finger first. Women should keep in mind that some rings, such as bridal set engagement rings, are incomplete if worn separately.

If the set is a symmetrical diamond ring wrap, however, the band closest to the hand will not be as significant, particularly if the rings are soldered together as a single unit. If the rings are separate, it is easier to remove the engagement ring during gardening, exercise or other potentially dangerous activities if the wedding band is worn closest to the hand.

After the wedding day, wear your engagement and wedding rings however you like them best. Again, the most popular way in the US is to have them both on the ring finger of the left hand with your wedding band first, but you can separate them and wear them on opposite hands, or you can wear your wedding band solo.

There may be traditions, but there are no rules! Everyone can express their personal preferences individually through wedding jewelry.

Men’s Fashion Guide: Best Men’s Shirt And Tie Combinations

Shirts, Suits, and Ties certainly aren’t anything new. The art of matching ties to your suits and shirts is something that has confounded the best of us for years. As a gentleman, You need pay attention to the clothing in life. Making sure that your suit and tie combinations are right is hard enough, but a shirt and tie combination can be even more important to get right. Below is our complete guide to the shirt, tie and suit combinations.

Color Basics

  • Similar colors are next to each other. When colors are close to each other, it’s easy to pick one color and add accessories of neighboring colors.
  • Complementary colors are opposite each other. These colors are the hardest to pair together. Even though they’complement’each other, wearing them full strength is often overkilled.
  • Contrasting colors have three colors between them. The best way to combine these is to make sure one of the hues is a darker tone so, for example, navy and red.

A White Shirt

Men’s White Shirt with tie

Wearing a white shirt offers this great, neutral base layer for you to work around. You can easily team a multitude of colors in varying shades with white. You can keep it basic with a simple black tie, or, you can be a little bit more adventurous with brighter colors, such as blue or yellow.

You can even go for a pattern, teaming various colors together to create the perfect blend that suits your personality and style to a tee. Just remember the color wheel, go for opposing colors rather than colors that are too similar to each other. This adds more detail and depth to your shirt tie combinations. When it comes to matching something with a white shirt, you pretty much have free reigns as to what color you put with it. Anything (within reason) goes with white.

Blue Shirts

Mens Blue Shirt With tie

Shirts in blue or pink provide a chance show off your color-matching prowess. Sticking to the rules of color, size, and fabric set out above, light blue shirts work well with tonal, patterned or textured ties in the same family.

Orange is a complementary color, though opt for a darker, burnt orange shade to avoid being mistaken for an airline worker. Both yellow and red are contrasting hues, so ties in shades of burgundy, pink or mustard also look great set against this shirt color. Green is a similar color to blue – try a dark forest green tie to make a refined and effortless statement.

Striped Shirts

Mens Striped Shirts With tie

The classic striped dress shirt often doesn’t appear striped from a distance. The stripes are so fine so as to blend together to the viewer (thicker’candy’stripes are edging towards the casual end of things.) Up close these fine stripes add a fair amount of interest, as you’re able to distinguish the very subtle pattern. Wearing any solid, classic stripe or foulard. The stripes are fine and forgiving, so most patterns, even fine geometries, will give a nice contrast against this shirt.

Combining shirts and ties can be a bit difficult. If done right, it can either make or break your outfit. If you keep working at it, you’ll find what works for you and you’ll be the best dressed at your work!

Where to Buy Infinity Jewelry Online

Many people enjoy adding an infinity necklace or an infinity bracelet to their daily ensemble. Infinity jewelry is a popular and fashionable trend that has been largely growing due to its beautiful meanings and elegant look. It symbolizes timelessness in any relationship or pursuit. It can be the perfect token of affection for your life partner, siblings, or best friends. But where can we buy generous Infinity Jewelry online? I will introduce some best online store to shop here.

Infinity Ring


It comes as no surprise that this world-popular e-commerce website has a wide range of infinity jewelry to offer its customers. Etsy is one place where customers can be assured to find the most unique selection of infinity jewelry from designers across the globe. If your heart is set on handmade products, this is the place to order from.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Company is an American luxury jewelry and specialty retailer, headquartered in New York City. Tiffany Infinity presently has 35 pieces of jewelry on display, which can be filtered as per the type of jewelry, material, gemstone, and price. Apart from their simple yet classy collection of sterling silver, Rubedo, and gold infinity jewelry, they also have a few that feature platinum with diamonds in them.

Lajerrio Jewelry

Since 2014 Lajerrio Jewelry has been offering amazing jewelry at the absolute lowest prices. Lajerrio’s goal is to make high quality, fashionable, meaningful jewelry at an affordable price by selling directly to customers, instead of traditional reseller channels. As we can see here(, the expert quality is evident in their infinity rings collection, that is available in an assorted range of stone types, color, metal types, and designs.



Polyvore was a community-powered social commerce website headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company’s virtual mood board function allowed community members to add products to a shared product. Although you may not find simplistically-designed infinity jewelry on Polyvore, you will come across truly unique pieces by designers such as Alexis Bittar, Sydney Evan, and so many jewelry shops to find your infinity jewelry style.


All you have to do is specify the type of infinity jewelry you need, and eBay will make sure that is gives you an unlimited array of options to choose from. Whether it be rings, bracelets, or knuckle rings, you will find what you’re looking for on this renowned online resource. The options on eBay are in the truest sense infinite when it comes to infinity jewelry. However, most of the finding may show jewelry from China. Therefore, those looking to avoid international shipping costs can consider refining their search options by choosing a suitable item location on eBay.

There are also many stores like Zales, Helzberg etc.. Make sure choose the right infinity jewelry according to your budget.

Types of Heels Every Women Should Know

High heels empower women in a way and they are a woman’s best friend. Young women love investing in them as they are the most trendy party wear accessory and also make you the centre of attraction in a party for without heels a party dress is incomplete! When choosing your next pair of shoes, these are the different types of heels you should know. Here are the 5 kinds of heels a woman must own.


Stiletto Heels

Being one of the highest of all heels, stilettos could go its way up to 8 inches and still is the most popular among women. While mastering a walk from wearing it might come off as difficult, the confidence and power it brings to a woman who wears it could really be worth it.


picture from Aldo Shoes

Pumps are lower than stilettos, usually between 2 and 3 inches in height and are typically low cut around the front. You can wear these babies anywhere and they literally go with any outfit you choose from dresses to skirts to denim, you name it.

Platform Heels

Platform Heels

Platform heels feature an additional plateau in the front of the shoe. This adds comfort and also a few more inches to the height of your heel. Platform heels are best worn for nights-out and other off-the-clock occasions



Wedge heels also come as wedge sandals. You’d find no separation whatsoever between the sole and the heel. Stability is key here, my dearies.

Sling Back Heels

Sling Back Heels

You are not comfortable with stilettos or pumps that do not sit properly at the back of your feet? No problem – slingbacks are your answer. They come with straps that cinch them together and enhance how the shoes and feet look.

Here are only some types of the Heels. These are the basics of shoes that every woman dreams of owning. The fact is, though, that we’d all want a closetful of shoes of every kind, and every color.

Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Everyone has a mother and unless you’re a magical exception. Every Mother’s Day (May 13th, 2018), you have the opportunity to tell your mom how special she is with a unique Mother’s Day gift that makes her laugh or cry with joy – and certainly warm her heart. It also means planning in advance to ensure she has a good Mother’s Day. From jewelry to books, here are some awesome gift ideas to help you do it.


TOMS Slip-Ons

There’s something about the traditional slip-on that just feels tired and, well, kind of sloppy. TOMS challenges that negative stereotype with their unique seasonally patterned shoes. These easy wear guys are sure to keep her toes comfortable and in fashion, whether she’s pairing them with jeans or summer dresses. Find this item from

Mother of Invention Snacks

For the wildly creative foodie who doesn’t have as much time to experiment in the kitchen as she used to, this collection of food will tickle her taste buds with inventive offerings like burnt sugar and fennel shortbread, spiced watermelon pickles and carrot cake jam.

For the nerd-mom

Is your mom a secret Marvel or Game of Thrones fan? If so, maybe a Guardians of the Galaxy Sterling Infinity Gem Orb Locket Necklace is just the ticket? ThinkGeek also has a Game of Thrones Dragon Purse that is surprisingly stylish. And for the astronomically inclined mom, how about a set of four drinking glasses decorated with Hubble Nebula images.

Everyday Tote Bag

Organizing a diaper bag is an ongoing puzzle. Bottles have to stand up to prevent spillage. Wet items have to be kept away from other stuff. You have to find a binky in approximately 0.001 seconds before the manager throws you out of a restaurant. It also looks great and has a 13-inch laptop sleeve, so it can be easily repurposed as a work bag once her little one is finally in underpants.



As simple as it may seem, picking out a bouquet can be dizzying. What’s her favorite flower? While she may have mentioned she likes lilies, how many damn types of lilies are there? Take the stress out of flower shopping. Browse it online. Shop also allows you to pick a matching vase to accompany your bouquet, so mom isn’t left scrambling for a place to put her beautiful blooms.

Small strollers

Light, small strollers are convenient for traveling. But if the new mom in your life has multiple children, or likes venturing into the outdoors, the Veer Cruiser is an indispensable piece of child transportation equipment. It has a variety of infant and toddler adapters to accommodate young humans of every size and neck-control ability, and enough room to stuff picnic baskets, blankets, and dog leashes. It’s also sturdy enough to roll over any terrain and get everyone back home safe again.